Spring/Summer 2024 Yoga Retreats

Bringing together the decadence of elevated accommodations, a nutritional vegetarian culinary offering and programming from some of the region’s best and most exciting yoga practitioners and lifestyle leaders, The August House has quickly become a go-to destination for Nova Scotia-based yoga retreats. We’re delighted to share our 2024 spring/summer lineup of retreats. PLEASE NOTE: retreats are booked directly with the individual yoga teacher. Follow the links below to learn more or book your space.

Yoga and Ayurveda with Michelle Robinson (April)

*April 12-14, 2024* From the gentle yet purposeful evening sessions, to the renewing morning and midday practices, each of the yoga and meditation classes of this retreat are carefully crafted to support your body and mind. Michelle will also lead participants in the exploration of yoga’s sister-science, Ayurveda, a holistic medical system that focuses on the individual’s unique physical, mental and spiritual essence to restore balance – aka health. Whether you are attending with your BFF or are taking some much needed you time, the weekend will leave you feeling deeply (re)connected in and to yourSelf.

Rest and Restore with Alison Butler (June)

*June 28-30, 2024* Join a small, intimate group of women ready to reset, rest and restore. The weekend will feature gentle stretching, yin yoga and breath work workshops led by Alison, guided workshops and journaling sessions with Alison to get aligned on how you want to show up as the best version of yourself and plenty of time to slow down, rest and reset. *Open to women only*

Meeting Your Essence with Estelle Thomson (July)

*July 12-14, 2024* This weekend retreat is an invitation for participants to come together to awaken their bodies, ignite their creativity and move/dance/rest their way to wholeness. Through an alchemical synergy of meditation, intuitive dance, satya movement practice and art Estelle will lead participants to recalibrate their nervous systems, integrate and feel their feelings and open themselves to their sankalpa- the wisdom of our heart’s deepest desires. At the end of the retreat, participants will expand into the bigger vision of our divinity and humanity. *Open to women only*